Equipment for listening to satellite radio

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Up until now we’ve touched on resources for choosing and finding satellites for receiving radio streams. Now we need to start talking about the actual equipment for listening radio, the thing to which you hook up the, antenna itself and also tools for finding the satellite that you’ve chosen.

Equipment for listening to satellite radio

Now there are actual satellite radio antennas and receivers that are used just like regular FM radio. These can also be found in satellite radio in cars.

If you can get them, use that, but I always opted for full fledged satellite antennas and receivers, the kind that you would also used for viewing satellite TV. Reason for this is that equipment for satellite TV is much more cheaper. Receivers, the antenna and all the additional equipment can be had for just a few hundred pounds.

It’s true that you need a TV screen to setup everything, but that just means that you can additionally enjoy in TV streams from the satellite that you’ve chosen. Later on when everything is setup, just hook up a sound system to the receiver, switch to a list of favorite radio stations and turn of the TV if you don’t need it and enjoy satellite radio on the cheap.