Cheap tool for finding satellites more easily

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Perhaps I should have written about this tools sooner, but I kinda forgot about it. I did mention it in passing, about a satellite finder that can detect satellite signal while you’re setting up the antenna. What I’m going to be talking about today is the cheaper version, which only detects signal, but there are tools like these which will tell you right away what satellite you’re locked onto.

Satellite finder tool for setting up the antenna

Search for a particular satellite without any tools is actually preferable, but only if you can take a TV with a receiver next to wherever the antenna is being placed. That way you can view right away which satellite you’re locked onto and what kind of signal strength you have. In a way the TV and the receiver next to antenna would be your tools.

In reality, not everyone can carry a TV and a satellite receiver next to the antenna during setup. That is where a satellite finder like the one from the image above comes into play. This finder will beep once that you’ve positioned the antenna on a satellite. In connects as an in-line element between the LNB and the receiver and it draws power from the receiver. That way you will at least make sure that you’ve hit a satellite before going inside and checking on the receiver and TV what satellite you’ve hit and what kind of signal quality you have.