About me

Hi there. First of all let me just say thank you for visiting my website. I really appreciate it. My name is Thomas Phillips and I’m a 33 year old electrician from Norwich. I live alone in Martineau Lane. Most of my time I spend fiddling around with electronics and tech gadgets. What can I say. I’m the kinda guy that brings his work home. I’m not all work though. I do have other hobbies like fishing, hunting and home improvement. These three things is how I got into satellite radio.

While I was in a family cabin on a fishing trip, where I actually did more repairs on the cabin than fishing, I couldn’t find any other signal reception other than satellite radio. I’ve setup a satellite antenna and ever since then I’m hooked onto satellite radio. That was years ago though. Now I have a satellite radio setup at home as well. That’s what I’m going to be talking about here.